Skiptrix is a cocktail of beautiful aerobic moves with a fusion of short bursts of skipping skills and funky dance steps to invigorate the senses leaving you and your class on a natural high. A cardio blast that will help your co-ordination and chisel out the perfect physique in the shortest time possible. Who does not want a workout like this?

Skipping, rope jumping...

...jump rope or rope skipping, no matter what you call it, Skiptrix® are the experts at it here in the UK! We own the UK’s only fitness programme which fuses short bursts of rope jumping skills with carefully choreographed routines of aerobic moves and dance steps creating an innovative, exciting and fun aerobic group exercise programme. Skiptrix® offers a fast-track to fitness, delivering group exercise programmes with a high calorie burn, producing results fast! It boosts bone health, increases cardiovascular strength and noticeably improves muscle tone. With 3 Class Styles to choose from, there’s a workout for everybody’s body! We can even get the adults playing jump rope games! You don’t have to be super fit to attend our classes, but our classes will make you super fit – no matter what level you start at!

Skiptrix® doesn’t stop there

We recognise that rope jumping is an excellent activity for people of all ages, especially children, so naturally we have classes for children too. Classes are age appropriate and designed specifically for children at key stage 1, 2 and 3 levels, to help develop not only their fitness but their concentration and co-ordination skills too! Take a look at our Skiptrix® Kidz & Teens page for more information. Skiptrix® can provide a whole new dimension to your career as a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer. Heading Skiptrix® Fitness sessions, either in a group or on a one to one basis; the sessions are a fun and unique way to burn body fat and give your clients results fast. Enhance your career in the fitness industry today by becoming a Certified Skiptrix® Instructor and let us help you boost you’re earning potential.

So Join The Revolution...

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jump rope classes for children Skiptrix® is coming to a school near you, courtesy of Premier Sport.



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Katy Perry loves jump rope Katy Perry is jumping rope on her Australian Tour.